The 2nd Smart Handheld Summit 2014

Conference Highlights


The Arab Advisors Group is pleased to announce The 2nd Smart Handheld Summit 2014 to be held in The Address Dubai Marina Hotel - UAE.

The 2nd Smart Handheld Summit 2014 - Dubai - UAE will avail a platform for all industry stakeholders to discuss and debate key issues including:

  • The state of the smart phone ecosystem in the Arab World.
  • Roles of Arab telecom operators in driving the industry forward.
  • Roles of international vendors and technology companies in the regional ecosystem.
  • Roles of Media companies and content owners.
  • Opportunities for application developers for the Arab World and from the Arab World.
  • The evolving business models and revenue streams.
  • The role of clusters and business hubs in developing the content and models for smart handhelds in the Arab World.