The 5G Summit - 2023



Partners and Sponsors

  • Local Telecom Partner: Orange
  • VIP Dinner Partner: NOKIA
  • 5G Challenges and Opportunities Panel Sponsor: Mandiant 
  • Infrastructor Partner: Tasc Towers
  • Digital Transformation Partner: Dell- Netcompany Intrasoft
  • Technology Partner: Eskadenia
  • Supporting Partners: Ministry of Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship, TRC, Int@j and SAMENA
  • PR Partner: TRACCS
  • IT Solution Partner: ProVision
  • Media Partners: Al Mamlaka TV, Amman TV, Rotana Radio, Hala FN, Hala News
  • Digital Media Partner: Beecell


  • Her Royal Highness Princess Sumaya bint El Hassan, President, Royal Scientific Society
  • H.E Ahmad Hanandeh, Minister, Ministry of Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship
  • Mr. Philippe Mansour, CEO, Orange Jordan
  • Mr. Ahmed Ossama, Managing Partner, Digital Transformation, Foresight Consulting, Co-founder, Bringy, inc
  • Mr. Aiman Sarhan, Network Engineering Director, Orange Jordan
  • Mr. Bassam Maharmeh, President, National Cyber Security Center
  • Mr. Farhan Abu-Leil, VP, Head of RegTech, Arab Bank
  • Mr. Firas bsat, 5G E2E Program Director, Orange Jordan
  • Mr. Hakam Kanafani, Chairman, Arab Advisors Group
  • Lt.Colonel. Dr.Hamad Khalifa Al Nuaimi, Head of Telecom Division, Abu Dhabi Police
  • Mr. Ihab Hinnawi, Business Advisor
  • Mr. Iyad Mazhar, Founder & CEO, TASC Towers
  • Mr. Jawad Abbassi, Head of MENA, GSMA
  • Mr. Majed Al Amine, Global Head of Google's 5G Solutions / Cross Technology  Market Lead, Google
  • Mr. Moder Al-Zoubi, Head of Business Development Middle East,Nokia
  • Mr. Mohammad Izzat Al Taani, Telecom Regulatory & Business Advisor
  • Dr. Mohammad Khaled, Safe Digital and Transformation Thought Leader,e&
  • Dr. Nart Bajj, VP Wireless Access Network, Boingo
  • Mr. Noman Waheed, CTO, Middle East Mobile Networks, NOKIA
  • Dr. Nooh Alshayab, Commissioner, TRC
  • Mr. Othman Aldawamenah, Regional Manager, Mandiant
  • Mr. Simon Redfern, CEO of TESOBE and founder of the Open Bank Project
  • Mr. Thaer Abu Sneineh, Commercial Director, TASC Towers
  • Mr. Tim Peters, Senior Managing Director, Teneo
  • Mr. Zoran Lazarevic, Chief Technology Officer, Ericsson Middle East and Africa

Topics Covered at the Summit

Panel Discussion - 5G for a Better Future: Economic Growth, Digital Inclusion, Innovation and Sustainability.

        ❖What is the impact of 5G technology on sustainable development, economic growth, and social well being? 

       ❖5G as an enabler of remote education and healthcare, smart cities, and environmental monitoring.

Panel Discussion - The Business Case for 5G: Key Drivers

       ❖Leveraging 5G in the industry to create new business models, products, and services.
       ❖5G use cases: implementation and plans

SPONSORED BY MANDIANT (now part of Google Cloud)
Panel Discussion - 5G Challenges and Opportunities

      ❖Technical challenges in 5G deployment and operations
      ❖The role of regulating authorities in 5G success
      ❖Business challenges facing the deployment of 5G networks

Panel Discussion - 5G and Beyond

     ❖A look beyond the current implementation of 5G and the vision for next-generation wireless  technologies
     ❖Research and development in areas such as new frequency bands, quantum communication, and AI

For the full agenda, please click here