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Arab Advisors Group offers high quality quantitative and qualitative research. Through our well-trained and high-skilled surveyors and data collectors, coupled with our strong scientific standards’ quality assurance, we always ensure delivery of high quality data to our clients. 

Arab Advisors Group utilizes digital systems for its quantitative surveys, which enables us to minimize errors and maximize efficiency during data collection.

​Arab Advisors Group’s qualitative and quantitative research services capabilities include:

Market Surveys:
Arab Advisors Group helps their clients to gather data directly from consumers by asking them questions about their preferences, habits and experiences based on clients’ requirements. Arab Advisors Group utilizes its Face to Face, Computer Aided Telephonic Interviews (CATI) and Online surveys in order to provide decision makers with insights about their targeted audiences.

Focus Groups:
Arab Advisors Group helps their clients by bringing together a certain number of people to provide their feedback regarding a product, service or a marketing campaign. With a well-trained moderator and a well-designed dialogue, we insure the delivery of helpful information to our clients.

In-depth Interviews:
Arab Advisors Group helps their clients by conducting individual interviews with key industry experts to explore their perspectives on particular topics to gain useful insights.

Mystery shopping:
Arab Advisors Group conducts Mystery shopping to define areas of improvement by giving feedback on how the company, product or service are perceived from a customers’ perspective.

Types of qualitative and quantitative research conducted by Arab Advisors Group include:

  • Market description surveys to determine size and relative market share of the market
  • Market profiling and segmentation
  • Customer attitudes and expectations
  • New product and Product positioning
  • Market testing (product use and acceptability analysis)
  • Brand equity analysis
  • Advertising campaigns feedback
  • Customer service
  • Price setting and elasticity of demand
  • Net promoter score surveys
  • Customer satisfaction

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