Cellular Operators’ Expansions in the OTT Realm

10 Apr 2023

A new series of reports from Arab Advisors Group has been released to provide an analysis of MENA’s cellular market with regards to OTT services. Arab Advisors Group conducted a comprehensive analysis of the OTT offerings by each cellular operator. Arab Advisors Group analyzed the offerings based on associated features and benefits, validities, as well as applied fees. Fees’ analysis highlights outlier figures, end of spectrum values, and averages to offer in-depth evaluation. Comparisons across the four parts of the MENA region were carried, weighing up each country’s offerings against its counterparts in its respective region.

Over-the-top (“OTT”) services bypass cable, broadcast, and satellite television platforms, providers that traditionally acted as distributors of such services. OTT providers are offering the same staple services of messaging, voice and video calls that used to be the domain of cellular operators. This bred a fierce competition between cellular operators and OTT providers. MENA’s cellular operators undertook diverse measures in response to this phenomenon. Measures include partnering with OTT providers, investing in or acquiring OTT providers, or through providing offerings with dedicated Internet consumption for OTT applications.

Arab Advisors Group released a new series of reports: Cellular Operators’ Expansions in the OTT Realm: The GCC and Yemen, The Levant Region, The Maghreb Region, and Egypt and Sudan. The reports, which were released in February and March 2023, answer the following questions:

● How did each region’s cellular markets change for the period between 2017 and 2022?

● What steps have the operators taken to hedge against the negative implications of OTT services?

● What OTT offerings have been provided to subscribers by the cellular operators in each region in 2022?

● How did cellular operators’ OTT offerings across each region differ with respect to fees, benefits, and validities?

Arab Advisors Group analyzed the OTT offerings of a total 53 cellular operators across MENA. The four geographical groups of the MENA region have responded differently to the increasing popularity of OTT services. According to Arab Advisors Group’s reports, the effects of the varying responses across MENA have been reflected on respective cellular market indicators. One of the four regions alone offered a combined sum of 310 cellular offerings bundled with OTT services (OTT bundles) and 54 standalone OTT offerings during December 2022.



Arab Advisors Group published four individual reports pertaining to each region (The GCC and Yemen, The Maghreb, The Levant, and Egypt and Sudan) with separate data sheets detailing all OTT offerings per region.

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