Egypt and Morocco had the lowest average postpaid bundled rates, while Jordan had the lowest prepaid bundled rates in the Arab World ¬¬¬¬

16 Sep 2015

A new report from the Arab Advisors Group analyzes the cellular bundled rates for 39 cellular operators in 15 Arab countries. The analysis revealed that the average monthly postpaid bundle rate stood at US$ 56.6 while the average monthly prepaid bundle rates totaled US$ 65.8. Lebanon had the highest postpaid and prepaid bundled rates, while Egypt and Morocco had the lowest average postpaid bundled rates.

Arab Advisors Group’s analysis of the postpaid and prepaid bundled rates in 15 Arab countries revealed that postpaid average connection fee stood at US$ 26.74. The analysis revealed that cellular postpaid average connection fees in seven countries (Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Kuwait and UAE) were above the average figure. The average connection fees of the remaining countries were below the average figure.

The Arab Advisors Group analyzed the cellular rates of 39 cellular operators in the following fifteen Arab countries: Algeria, Bahrain, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Tunisia, and UAE. In order to allow for comparisons, the report focuses on the average bundled cellular rates of these countries’ operators. In calculating the average bundled cellular rates, the Arab Advisors Group relied on the lowest packages’ rates that satisfied three usage criteria of users; light, medium and large. The rates analyzed were as of May 2015.

A new report, “Cellular Bundled Rates in the Arab World: A Regional Comparison” was released to the Arab Advisors Group’s Telecoms Strategic Research Service subscribers on August 16, 2015. This report can be purchased from the Arab Advisors Group for only US$ 1,850. The 46-page report, which has 25 detailed exhibits, provides a comprehensive analysis of the cellular bundled rates of the cellular operators in fifteen Arab countries.

Any investment in this report will count towards an annual Strategic Research Service subscription should the service be acquired within three months from purchasing the report.

 “Eight out of the fifteen analyzed Arab countries imposed taxes on cellular services charged to the end users. These are the governments of Algeria, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Syria, and Tunisia. Such taxes might be referred to as sales tax, telecommunication tax, value added tax, or consumption tax. All rates analyzed in this report include all applicable taxes (representing the total costs that end users’ bear). The governments of the Gulf Corporation Council (GCC) countries and Libya do not impose taxes on end users. Jordan had the highest sales tax rates on cellular services between the compared countries followed by, Tunisia and Morocco.” Ms. Noor Al-Asmar, Arab Advisors Group Research Analyst commented.

“The postpaid average package rate stood at US$ 56.63. Lebanon UAE, Libya, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and Oman had higher than average postpaid packages rate, while Egypt and Morocco recorded the lowest average postpaid packages’ rates. As for prepaid average bundles’ the rate stood at US$ 65.76. Seven countries namely; Lebanon, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Libya, Tunisia, Morocco and the UAE had higher than the average prepaid packages rate. Lebanon had the highest prepaid average bundle rate of US$ 163.15. ” Ms. Mai Al-Zeir, Arab Advisors Group Senior Research Analyst said.

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