Favorite Satellite TV Channels among Media Industry Executives

19 Jul 2022

New media surveys from Arab Advisors Group probed satellite TV and radio consumption habits in 6 Arab Countries. These countries are: Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Morocco, and the UAE. The surveys provide insights into the most favorite satellite TV and radio channels, as well as consumption patterns among media industry executives in the countries under study.

Arab Advisors Group concluded new media surveys in Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Morocco, and the UAE in April 2022. The surveys’ reports, “Radio Consumption in 6 Arab Countries” and “Satellite TV Consumption in 6 Arab Countries, provide the results of comprehensive surveys of radio and satellite TV consumption habits in the countries aforementioned as a whole, as well as each country on its own. In its surveys, Arab Advisors Group covered the following topics: Favorite Radio Channels, Radio Listenership Habits, Favorite Satellite TV Channels, and Satellite TV Viewership Habits.  

The surveys’ results encompass answers from 473 media industry executive respondents that passed rigorous quality control checks conducted by Arab Advisors Group's team.

Arab Advisors Group’s new reports, which were released in June 2022, answer the following questions:

       ·      What are the most favorite satellite TV channels in Egypt, Jordan, KSA, Lebanon, Morocco, and the UAE

       ·      What are the most favorite radio channels in Egypt, Jordan, KSA, Lebanon, Morocco, and the UAE

       ·      What are satellite TV consumption patterns in the aforementioned countries

       ·      And what are radio consumption patterns in the aforementioned countries

“It comes as no surprise that local satellite TV channels were the most favorite in their countries of origin. Nevertheless, we see channels of major media groups topping the list across the total respondents of 473 in the 6 Arab countries analyzed.said Ms. Hiba Rabadi, Arab Advisors Group’s Deputy General Manager. “On the consumption front, media consumers spend on average 1 to 3 hours per day watching satellite TV channels, as reported by more than 65% of total respondents. Radio consumption is relatively less in the analyzed countries than satellite TV; around half of total respondents spend less than an hour a day listening to radio channels.” Added Ms. Rabadi. 

“This notable segment is privy to industry intricacies that clearly differentiate them from the public audience” Commented, Fayez Abu Awad, Chief Advisor, Arab Advisors Group

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