In MENA, Android mobile games are the most prominent among cellular operators’ mobile game offerings

24 Mar 2019

A new report from Arab Advisors Group provides an analysis of the mobile gaming evolution and trends in the globe and the MENA region. Moreover, the report provides insights of mobile gaming services offered by cellular operators in the Arab World.

Arab Advisors Group’s new report answers the following questions:

• How did the mobile gaming market evolve globally and in the MENA region?

• What is the mobile games’ market share in terms of revenues?

• How telecom operators are exploiting the growing market of mobile games?

• What are the mobile gaming offerings by the cellular operators in the MENA region?

• What are MENA’s top mobile games on the App Store and Play Store?

Mobile gaming is a rapidly growing digital entertainment market. The capabilities and sophistication of smartphones stimulated growth of mobile gaming. And as the popularity of mobile gaming grew, the complexity of the games progressed rapidly. And thus, mobile games became more attractive, more engaging and more profitable.


This new report “Digital Entertainment: Mobile Gaming Services by Cellular Operators 2018” was released to Arab Advisors Group’s Media and Telecoms Strategic Research Service subscribers on February 25, 2018. This report can be purchased from Arab Advisors Group for US$ 3,000. The 75-page report, which has 88 detailed exhibits, provides an overview of the mobile gaming evolution and offered services by cellular operators. It provides valuable insights of mobile games’ market share in terms of revenues. Moreover, the report analyzes the top 10 mobile games on the App store and Play Store, where applicable, in 14 countries.

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The purchase of this report will count towards an annual Strategic Research Service subscription.

“Arab Advisors Group focused on the availability, compatibly and accessibility for the analysis of the mobile gaming services in the MENA region. Availability refers to the online availability of the mobile gaming service, if provided via an application, on App or Play Stores. Furthermore, it refers to whether the mobile game services are available for prepaid or postpaid subscribers. Accessibility mentions the way subscribers can access and play the games. Compatibility indicates whether the mobile games are intended for Android or iOS devices." Mr. Yanal Alshaban, Research Analyst at Arab Advisors Group noted.

“Arab Advisors Group analysis of mobile gaming services in the MENA region revealed that by December 2018, 33 cellular operators in 17 MENA countries offered mobile games. Arab Advisors Group’s analysis further revealed that 63.89% of the mobile gaming services offered by the cellular operators in the MENA region were exclusively for Android devices.” Mr. Alshaban added.

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