In the Arab GCC countries, the average monthly fee for postpaid 5G 1 TB bundle is US$ 136

13 Sep 2020

A new report from Arab Advisors Group analyzed the average monthly fees of 5G offerings among the GCC countries. Arab Advisors Group used the allocated data allowance as a comparison basis for the mobile operators’ 5G offerings. The analysis covered the fees for postpaid and prepaid 5G offerings (5G data only plans and 5G cellular bundles). Furthermore, Arab Advisors Group analyzed the pricing for 5G data only plans and 5G cellular bundles separately.

Initially, mobile operators in the GCC markets offered 5G services in the form of home broadband with limited coverage. The operators then gradually expanded their reach to offer 5G services through home broadband, dedicated mobile Internet, and mobile Internet bundled with other telecom services. In May 2020, more than half of the operators analyzed offered both 5G data only (5G home broadband and 5G dedicated mobile Internet plans) and 5G mobile Internet bundles.

Arab Advisors Group released a new report "An Analysis of 5G Rates and Affordability in the Arab World". The report, which was released in August 2020, answers the following questions:


• Which Arab countries commercially launched 5G services?

• What are Telcos’ 5G offerings?

• How are Telcos marketing their 5G offerings? As dedicated data only? Or bundled with other telecom services?

• Which Telcos in the Arab World top the list in terms of 5G affordability?

“Arab Advisors Group’s analysis revealed that the average monthly fee of postpaid 5G data only with 1 TB data allowance stood at US$ 136 per month. The average monthly fee of postpaid 5G cellular bundles with 100 GB data allowance reached at US$ 124.8.” Noted, Ms. Hiba Rabadi, Deputy GM of Arab Advisors Group.  

Mr. Fayez Abu Awad, Chief Advisor to the Board at Arab Advisors Group, noted that “it comes as no surprise that early 5G launches in MENA are GCC-centric; the development of 5G ecosystems are better supported in the high GDP per capita of the GCC.  Furthermore, 5G’s promised benefits and expected applications are expected to assist the GCC countries in diversifying away from being oil-based economies and shifting investment to other sectors as they digitally metamorphose. In alignment with their digital visions, GCC governments are supporting 5G implementation through clear 5G roadmaps and frequency planning. Further readings on regulatory roles to support 5G launches in MENA can be found in Arab Advisors Group’s report: “The 5G Promise: Is it Deliverable? What is Required? And Who's Doing What?”.

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