Out of the cellular operators in the MENA region, 80.77% offered digitized services

28 May 2018

A new report from Arab Advisors Group analyzes the digital services offered by the cellular operators to their subscribers. The report ranks the countries by the Digitization of Cellular Operations Index. By April 2018, Viva Bahrain and du scored the highest digitization of cellular operations index among the analyzed 42 cellular operators that offered digitized services.

Arab Advisors Group has created the Digitization of Cellular Operations Index in order to assess the digitized level of the cellular operators’ services offered to their subscribers. Arab Advisors Group’s report covered the 52 operators that provide cellular services in the Arab World. Arab Advisors Group defines digitized services as those offered to the subscribers with minimal human interaction from the operator’s side and which the subscribers can do electronically on their own using their handsets, tablets, laptops, or personal computers

A new report, “Digitization of Cellular Operations Index” was released to Arab Advisors Group’s Telecoms Strategic Research Service subscribers on May 21, 2018. This report can be purchased from Arab Advisors Group for only US$ 2,500. The 49-page report, which contains 24 detailed exhibits, provides an analysis of the digital services and operations offered by the cellular operators in the MENA region to their subscribers. The Digitization of Cellular Operations Index relies on a number of indicators that reflect digitized services. Arab Advisors Group calculated the Digitization of Cellular Operations Index by taking into consideration several indicators provided by each operator in each of the 19 MENA countries. These indicators can be categorized into four sub-indexes: Payment Index, Self-Services Index, e-shops Index, and Digital Brand Index.


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“Today, with the structural and regulatory pressures Telecos face, Telecom investors are demanding digital transformation from key operators. It is no longer a concept of value added service but a crucial strategy that is required for revenue growth and retention of customers. This report scientifically creates and analyzes the Digitization of Cellular Operations Index in the Arab World. It is one of the most important reports released by our Company so far. The report objectively provides an answer to the question "where are we positioned, as an operator, in the digital space compared to our peers?” Mr. Hakam Kanafani, Chairman at Arab Advisors Group stated.

“The report provides insight and strategic notes on key steps and endeavors of the digital journey for key Arab Operators. This journey will directly reduce costs, create new revenue streams and enhance both customer retention and user experience.” Mr. Kanafani added.

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