Telecom Market Transparency: a Prerequisite yet to be Fully Realized in MENA

24 Mar 2021

New reports from Arab Advisors Group assess the transparency of telecommunication regulators in MENA by analyzing disclosed market indicators through the regulators’ websites. Arab Advisors Group categorized the analyzed indicators into Quality of Service (“QoS”) Indicators and Telecommunication Market Indicators.

Market transparency and information symmetry are crucial for the advancement of telecommunication markets. Information symmetry allows consumers to make informed choices and ensures effective competition among telecom operators to offer better services. An authority figure, the telecommunication regulator, plays an imperative role in ensuring market transparency by disclosing adequate, clear, and timely telecommunication market details which is to the advantage of the ecosystem.

Arab Advisors Group released a series of new reports which assess Arab telecommunication regulators’ roles in ensuring market transparency.

· An Assessment of Telecommunication Market Transparency in the Levant

     · An Assessment of Egypt and Sudan's Telecommunication Market Transparency

     · An Assessment of Telecommunication Market Transparency in the GCC and Yemen

· An Assessment of Telecommunication Market Transparency in the Maghreb

The reports answer the following questions:

• How do MENA’s regulators perform in terms of ensuring market transparency?

• Which Arab telecom regulators disclose Quality of Service (“QoS”) Indicators? And which disclose telecommunication market indicators?

• Which regulators manage to publically disclose up-to-date, sufficient, and diverse indicators? 

Fayez Abu Awad, Chief Advisor at Arab Advisors Group, noted that “A measurement of success of a regulator is in how well it manages to provide the balance between access to information and protecting the investments made in the telecom sector. However, regulators should remain an advocate of consumer interest.”

“Regulators’ efforts in MENA to ensure market transparency vary. You would find regulators such as those of Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, Morocco, and the UAE publishing indicators which pertain to quality of service and telecom market performance; nevertheless, seven Arab regulators omitted to publish any QoS indicators. Furthermore, ~50% of the regulators under study published up-to-date telecommunication market indicators while 40% published updated QoS indicators.” Noted, Hiba Rabadi, Arab Advisors Group’s Deputy General Manager.

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