Telecom markets will utterly change its character in response to 5G revolution

01 Jul 2019

A new report from Arab Advisors Group analyzed the Arab world in terms of mobile broadband markets’ maturity, 5G launches and trials by Communications Service Providers (CSPs). The report also provides an overview of CSPs’ preparatory procedures for the commercialization of 5G.

Arab Advisors Group’s new report answers the following questions:

• How did MENA’s mobile broadband markets mature during the past few years?

• Which Communications Service Providers (CSPs) in the Arab world announced 5G commercial launches? And how are others preparing for their launches?

• What is fiber’s role in achieving an optimal 5G launch?

• In preparation for 5G, why is it imperative for CSPs to invest in and enhance their 4G networks?

• In the Arab world, what are CSPs accomplishments in terms of 5G trials and frequency acquisitions?

Countries compete to be the first to launch the fifth generation (5G). The race is driven by the expected benefits of 5G. In addition to enhanced mobile broadband services, 5G will reshape industries, and assist in the progression of smart solutions and IoT. In order to assure a successful deployment of 5G, telecom operators need to focus on fiber and 4G networks expansions, conduct sufficient 5G trials, build clear 5G roadmaps and strategies, and new cooperative marketing strategies with stakeholders in different industries like transportation, education, and healthcare. 

A new report, “The 5G Promise: Is it Deliverable? What is Required? And Who's Doing What?” was released to Arab Advisors Group’s Telecom Strategic Research Service subscribers on June 24, 2019. This report can be purchased from Arab Advisors Group for US$ 3,500. The 62-page report focuses on necessary factors to ensure optimal 5G implementations. Arab Advisors Group analyzed the Arab world and how telecommunication operators (CSPs) are contributing to 5G development. The report provides use-cases by Telcos in the Arab world for each 5G-driving factor.


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“The digital revolution is massive. It affects all industries in the regional economies. Organizations from all different disciplines (banking, healthcare, education, and more) are competing to initiate and/or enhance their digital services. These organizations, in the near future, will depend on the networks built and maintained by Telcos (CSPs). 5G will not only promote further digitization, but will open new industrial solutions and applications that were never launched on any large commercial scale.” Mr. Hakam Kanafani, Chairman of Arab Advisors Group stated.

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