The Low 5G Trials Intensity in MENA Suggests That More Work is Needed for Telcos to Select Suitable Solutions And Understand Network Behavior in Real-life Situations

20 Aug 2023
5G launches in MENA remain GCC focused; nevertheless, several Arab countries are taking measures to facilitate 5G trials and implementations in their corresponding countries. Eyeballing progression amongst countries with and without 5G services in MENA is of value to various industry stakeholders. As part of its continuous reliable primary research-based analysis, Arab Advisors Group released this report which answers the following questions:
● How are governmental bodies in MENA catalyzing smooth and successful 5G launches?
● Do MENA’s telecom markets have adequate and timely disclosed 5G-related indicators?
● What preparation measures are telecom operators in the Arab World taking towards their 5G launches?
● How intense are 5G trials in Arab countries without commercial 5G services?
● How did the GCC’s 5G markets differ during a span of 4 years in terms of coverages and expansions?
For full report details:  THE 5G PROMISE IN MENA: 4 YEARS LATER