TV Content Aggregation: a Golden Opportunity to Exploit?

09 Mar 2021

Arab Advisors Group released a new report which assesses the opportunity for free-to-air (“FTA”) satellite TV providers to aggregate their content into a single digital platform. In its report, Arab Advisors Group studied a selection of 41 FTA satellite TV channels by tackling various statistics including YouTube subscribers and views, channel apps’ ratings and number of downloads.

The advent of Over-the-Top (“OTT”) services urges traditional broadcast providers to consider novel digital delivery channels to remain relevant within the media industry. One of the many channels which traditional broadcast provides, especially FTA satellite TV providers, can adopt is media aggregation. The media aggregation approach proposes to fine tune user experience by distributing TV content of multiple sources over the Internet through a single platform.   

Arab Advisors Group released a new report "Digital TV Content: Competitive Terrain and Emerging Opportunities" which assesses the opportunity for media aggregation in MENA and answers the following questions:

• Which FTA satellite TV channels in MENA offer their content through applications?

• Which FTA satellite TV apps are subscription-based? And which are free to access?

• Do FTA satellite TV channels rely on YouTube for the delivery of their content?

• What type of in-app advertisements do FTA satellite TV channels adopt?  

Fayez Abu Awad, Chief Advisor at Arab Advisors Group, noted that “Integrating digital channels into the mix of content delivery channels should not be about replicating the FTA experience even if the content being aired is, itself, generated by FTA channels. FTA channels need to fully activate their digital channels to their full potential leveraging the diversity of both content and audience preferences. Such revenue-generation opportunities may best be approached by decoupling the viewer from the FTA experience.”

“Arab Advisors Group analyzed application adoption among a selection of 41 FTA satellite TV channels which broadcast in the Arab World and compared them among each other. Arab Advisors Group explored in this report key statistics with an eye for generating a higher ROI from the next stage of investments.” Abu Awad added.

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