When 4G data only plans are more expensive than average 5G prices, are we pricing right?

31 Mar 2021

A new report from Arab Advisors Group analyzed and compared 4G and 5G data only plans offered by cellular operators in the GCC.

Arab Advisors Group analyzed and compared 4G and 5G data only plans offered by cellular operators in the GCC factoring in 3rd party products and services offered in bundles.

Arab Advisors Group released two new reports "A Comparative Analysis of 4G and 5G Rates in the GCC" and “An overview of 4G/5G data only plans in the UAE”. The reports, which were released in February 2021, answer the following questions:

• How are 5G plans priced compared to 4G plans?

• What are the average prices of the 4G/5G data only plans per data allowance offered?

• Which GCC country offered 4G/5G data only plans that were priced above the average?

• What is the price per GB for the 4G/5G data only plans in each GCC country?

“The true promise of 5G of abundant bandwidth, high speed and low latency has yet to be translated to an ROI that would justify the investments in licensing infrastructure. The true value of 5G connectivity will manifest itself when industry specific roadmaps are developed and where the different stakeholders can come together in an ecosystem that unleashes the potential for new businesses, new business models and create value proposition beyond what we see now. What we see now is more of the same old bundling and downward pressure on ARPU. Developing the roadmap to true 5G value proposition is what Arab Advisors Group wants to do by bringing together the different stakeholders in Dubai in May of 2021.” Commented, Fayez Abu Awad, Chief Advisor, Arab Advisors Group.

“It was interesting to see how effective postpaid plan pricing in Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar and Saudi Arabia distributed above and below the average price while all prices of prepaid plans in Qatar were above the average. Such insights are key for maintaining prices in line with regional norms.” Dalia Haddad, Lead Research Analyst at Arab Advisors Group added.

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