The 3rd Annual Media & Telecommunications Convergence Conference - 2006


  • ETISALAT    
  • JAWWAL      


  • Ms. Alexander McNabb
  • Mr. Andreas Avgousti
  • Mr. Bashar Arafeh
  • Mr. Chris Forrester
  • Mr. Hakam Kanafani
  • Mr. Philippe Vogeleer
  • Mr. Bassam Madi
  • Mr. Jawad Abbassi
  • Mr. Kamal S. Shehadi
  • Mr. Karim Sabbagh
  • Mr. Luc Savage
  • Mr. Marwan Juma
  • Mr. Saad Nasir
  • Dr. Nayef Al Nadi
  • Mr. Stephen Rawson
  • Mr. Tarek Aintrazi
  • Mr. Tony Ghattas
  • Mr. Ziad Masri
  • Mr. Mohamed Gawdat
  • Mr. Ammar A. Bakkar, Ph.D.
  • Prof. Ibrahim Kadi, Ph.D.
  • Mr. Khaled H. Hudhud
  • Mr. Mohamed Elnawawy
  • Mr. Abdulla Hashim
  • Mr. Humaid Rashid Sahoo
  • Mr. Ammar Aker
  • Mr. Hani Jabsheh
  • Mr. Ahmad Aweidah
  • Mr. Andy H. Hanna
  • Mr. Carlos Riera


  • Developing the Broadband potential - An Etisalat perspective
  • Operating under extraordinary circumstances: The example of Jawwal
  • Life after the end of international gateway monopoly: Future growth strategies for incumbents.
  • Operating in a competitive telecom market, the challenger's perspective
  • Broadband Internet and VoIP services: An ISP perspective.
  • Media Flavor in Emerging Voice and Messaging Services
  • Fighting fragmentation – integrating business and communications strategies to retain market share and build new revenue in Arab mobile and fixed markets.
  • Mobile Media Content: issues of branding, production, usability and aggregation
  • Mobile TV: Current state and prospects.
  • Are the lines blurring between media broadcasters and telecom operators? Business models in the era of convergence. Telecom operators and media companies: Friends or Foes? Where do pure online operators fit in the equation?
  • Opportunities and challenges for alternative operators. Building a brand and other challenges of a start up. A case study from Bahrain
  • Presentation Speaker Cable TV Development: Success and Challenges. Mr. Humaid Rashid Sahoo, Chief Executive Officer, E-Vision
  • Telecom and Media markets regulation: Best practices and approaches in the era of convergence.
    1. Various meanings of “convergence”, and their regulatory effects
    2. “Converged” versus “conventional” models of regulation
    3. Converged communications legislation
    4. Unified licensing
    5. How it all fits together (and how it can come apart again)
  •  Regulatory Push: Can Regulation Promote Convergence?
  • The Arab Sat TV Industry: Success factors for different revenue models (Pay TV, Ads and telecom-based revenues).
  • Mobile Data Services: The Promise and the current reality?
    1. The emergence of Data services
    2. Current penetration and revenue contribution
    3. Future of Data services in the Middle East
    4. Mobile Data Services Future - A myth or a reality
  • An Overview of the Arab telecom and media markets
  • How will convergence impact voice traffic? Should Mobile operators worry or is it just business as usual?
  • The future winning strategies for Telecom operators: One stop shop or specialization? Would integrated incumbents win the day?