• Strategic Partner: Central Bank of Jordan
  • Community Partner: Int@j
  • Media Partners: MENAFN, Volt, Venture, Daily News, Bandwidth, Hashtag Arabi


  • MR. ALI OMRAN, Deputy GM, Arab National Bank
  • MR. FADY RAFLA, Vice President, Head of Digital Banking, AbuDhabi Islamic Bank
  • MR. FARES GHANDOUR, Partner, Wamda Capital
  • MR. FAISAL HAKKI, CEO, Oasis 500
  • MR. HAKAM KANAFANI, Chairman, Arab Advisors Group
  • MS. JOCELYNE CHAHWAN, Assistant General Manager, Head of Retail Banking, Blom Bank (Lebanon)
  • MR. KHALED HEGAZY, Chief Corporate Affairs Officer, Etisalat Misr
  • DR. LOAY SEHWAIL, Co-Founder and Board Member, Dinarak
  • MS. MAHA BAHOU, Executive Director, Central Bank of Jordan
  • HE. MR. MARWAN JUMA, CEO, Kinz &
  • MR. MOHAMMAD KHATIB, Director, Partner, Global Business Technology
  • MR. MOHAMED ROUSHDY, Experienced CIO | Digital Transformation | CXO Advisor
  • MR. MUNIS HADDADIN, Chief Risk & Compliance Officer, Bank Al Etihad
  • MR. NABIL TABBARA, General Manager, VISA Levant
  • MR. NASSER AL ZAGHA, Executive Manager of IT, Bank of Jordan
  • MR. NASSER SALEH, CEO & Founder, Madfoo3atcom
  • MR. NIDAL BITAR, CEO, Int@j Association
  • MR. RA'ED HAJARAT, Oracle Jordan Country Leader & Director Technology, MEA
  • MR. RAMI AL KARMI, Jordan Ahli Bank Chief Innovation Officer & CEO Ahli Fintech
  • MR. RUSSELL AKOUM, Head of Digital Banking Experience, Co-operative Bank of Kenya
  • MR. SALIM SAWALHA, Assistant General Manager, Jordan Commercial Bankigital Transformation Consultant
  • MR. TIM PETERS, Partner, Arthur D. Little Middle East
  • MR. TURKI ALDHAFYAN, Digital Transformation Consultant
  • MR. YOUSEF ABU MUTAWE, Chief Technology Officer, Zain Jordan
  • MR. ZIAD ALSHOBAKI, Managing Director, Quisk

Topics in the Agenda:

The State of the Financial Industry Panel

- Creating the end-to-end digital core: How far along are we? And is it a pressing issue for banks?

- Future of digital banking. What to expect and not to expect?

- A Global and Regional Perspective: International best practices

- Enriching the current offerings through digitizing internal processes: Mobile and Internet banking 2.0

- A look at Jordan: Where do Jordanian banks stand in terms of digitization?

- Limited budgets and tough financial times: Would digitization help drive down the cost?

- Infrastructure of the digital era: What type of transformation is needed? And what is holding us back?

Disruption and Complementation: How do banks view the wide spectrum of Fintech Players?

- Fintech lending platforms: A disruption for the banking sector? Or are they after a segment that is not

  wanted by banks?

- Partnerships with emerging Fintech players: Improving the digital offerings of banks

Traditional to innovative: The banking sector’s future journey

- Will digitization overcome the legacy constraints of the banking sector?

- Challenges and opportunities of digitization

- Will we ever see a digital-only bank in MENA?

- Success stories from the region

- What is needed to succeed in the digital future?

- The new era of client segmentation: The potential of big data generated through digitization

- What is needed to succeed in the digital future?

Electronic and Mobile Payments in the region: A sign for moving away from traditional banking and payment methods

- Electronic and mobile payments: The present and future

- Mobile payments: Will we see the Africa-like levels of success?

- Innovation in electronic payments: Meeting the needs of the future generation

Infrastructure of the digital era

- Infrastructure for the new era: What type of transformation is needed? And what is holding us back?

- Building the infrastructure for the future: The role of Telecom operators in the new era

- Opportunities and challenges

- Cloud computing and digital transformation

The mindset challenge inside and outside the financial institution

- Getting people on the digital wagon: Where we stand, and what should be done?

- The corporate mindset in the banks: The new shape of client segmentation

- The future of customer interaction: Will branches ever become obsolete?

- Demands for the future generation: Digital channels are the first choice